• Image of Dripping Retina CD

"It boasts stuttering, self-deconstructing synths and massive synth drums beneath beautifully ghoulish vocals, and the whole thing sounds like a way more sinister version of M83."

"The album has an Experimental Ambient sound with touches of Electro-Rock, 8-Bit and Minimal Wave. The music is a little off beat but has an upbeat yet dreamy vibe to it that hooks the listener right in."
- WRUV Burlington, Vermont

Debut album released July 1st 2014
Jewel case, Shrink wrapped

1. Glideboy 64
2. All I'm Shifting From
3. Chiropractor
4. Oval Migration
5. Bog
6. Caterpillars Crawl
7. I Only Need One
8. Whale Skeleton
9. This Forest is Healthy
10. From The Past Again
11. What Are You Doing it For? ft. LP Lauren Penn
12. S♂♂th
13. Everything is Fine

Artwork by Mauro Bonillo