• Image of Umami Sounding Fireball EP CD

"Umami Sounding Fireball sees the LA duo seeking to more precisely combine live instrumentation like Levy’s percussion with the swirling electronic melodies created by Behring. 'Trying to Maze' may demonstrate this best of all with its rippling blooms of synths and complex rhythmic couplets. Opener 'Foam in My Midi Controller' is a dreamy swirl of off kilter psych pop, while closer 'Strobe Froth' is practically meditative in its slow repetition and tribal drumming."
- Consequence of Sound

"It’s trippy psych meets dream pop with plenty of gorgeous melodies to get lost in."
- Sounds Better With Reverb

Released April 15th 2016

1. Foam in My Midi Controller
2. Avey Tare Said
3. Trying to Maze
4. Strobe Froth

Recorded by Ian Gibbs
Produced by Ian Gibbs and Chuckie Behring
Mastered by Alan Douches
Cover art by Brian Murphy

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